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It's my favorite time of the year! Time for Read Across America! We sure do have some fun things planned for March. I can't wait! 

I'm so bummed I'm missing out on this exciting time. Reading is one of my favorite things to do-and I even love it more when I can do it with you! There is a new link on the navigation bar that has lots of Dr. Seuss activities for school and at home. K-3 will be doing assignments that have links provided and 4th and 5th will be completing theirs in their Google Classrooms. 
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 For my 4th and 5th graders, I can see everything you are working on in your Google Classroom assignments. 

***Speaking of which...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not do assignments ahead of your rotation class. I know it might be tempting, but there are certain skills, topics, and objectives that I've asked Mrs. Hallinger to cover. Although I am thrilled about your eagerness to work independently  at home (what teacher wouldn't love THAT?) it poses a problem once you're in class and you're already done for several reasons. So please, just wait until you actually get to class and Mrs. Hallinger starts the lesson. There's always enrichment activities for you to do AFTER you finish in class. Now, that being said, if you didn't finish in class on your first day, THEN, you can feel free to work on it at home. Thank you so much for your cooperation. xoxoxo
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What am I up to? Well, I'm getting a little bit better and stronger all the time. I still get super duper tired if I try to do too much.  Starting next week, I will only have to go to physical therapy one time per week instead of twice. It's so hard for me to just "take it easy." Do I seem like the type of gal who knows (or can) do that? It's hard when my doctor says, "Take it easy now, Ms. Melchiorre!" and I have a million things to do and my boys to take care of. There's no time off when you are a parent! 

Here's the latest and greatest in Melchiorre Land:
We're moving! But...just around the corner-so I can still hug you when we run into each other at Food Lion! It was fun to watch the movers pack up all of my stuff for me while I just sat around and watched! (Confession- I think I might be a teeny tiny pack rat. I didn't know I had so much stuff. Time for a HUGE yard sale! LOL!)

It's official, my oldest son is now the tallest one in our house. Can you believe it? He's only in 7th grade and taller than Mommy? What in the world? 
tall boy

We all had fun on Valentine's Day. I gave everyone lots of treats with little "love notes" all over them. (They are all spoiled rotten if you ask me!) Daniel starts soccer this week, so I'm sure I'll see many of you at the soccer fields. Make sure you come over and say hello, OK? (& please don't ask me why Nicholas is making that nerd face. Silly goose! Like mother like son is all I can say!)

My littlest dude is being a trooper. You guys know that he has Autism and sometimes, we have to go see special doctors. Right now, they are using the COOLEST TECHNOLOGY to find out what his brain is doing! They put little electrodes all over his head and he got to wear a "power pack" for three days! It measures all of the signals his brain sends out. This week, we get to go to the hospital and take awesome pictures of his brain in a machine called an MRI. They use MAGNETS and COMPUTERS to map his brain. Talk about amazing technology....Isn't that neatest thing? 
small boy 
I'm finally able to feel good enough to get my CHRISTMAS present! (better late than never, I always say!) We went into downtown Raleigh to see a show last weekend. It was a disco show, so you know I had to put on the wig in the photo booth! We met the neatest people who sat next to us. I imagine that will be me in 40 more years when I am 82...still putting on wigs and dancing to disco music! You know how much I love to wear wigs and dress up! 
disco dancing
Hope you guys are all doing well! I really miss you. Just the end of March, I'll be back! I can't wait! Love you and miss you all the most! Be good and work hard as always! xoxoxo

Don't forget to check out the "K-5 Learning Games"  page on the navigation bar to support what you are learning in your classrooms. There are SOOOOOO many great activities for everything imaginable to go along with the Core.
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What are we learning in the TechLab?
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All students will be participating in the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education week: December 5th-11th. 
Please ask your child to show you his/her progress in their Coding Class courses and how to access the wonderful activities to help them learn how to code on the "Hour of Code" resources page on the navigation bar!

Kindergarten: We are gathering information from a multimedia resource from the website:
The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!

1st Grade: We are gathering information from multimedia resources and learning about Dr. Seuss in an e-book biography on PebbleGo!

2nd Grade: We are visiting Whoville and designing our own Who. Then, we are learning about other Dr. Seuss characters. We are also using multimedia to record information about Dr. Seuss’ work from videos and text on

3rd Grade: We are visiting gathering and recording information about Dr. Seuss from a timeline and multimedia resources through an interactive biography in Dr. Seuss’ virtual studio.

4th Grade: We are using digital reference materials and multi-media to gather information about Dr. Seuss. We have resources listed in Google Classroom & we have
to choose the best digital reference resource to complete our scavenger hunt.

5th Grade: We are reading the book, What Pet Should I Get?, which was written by Dr. Seuss in  between 1958 and 1962, but not published until 2015. Then, we are using graphic design tools to create our own mixed-up pet. Finally, we will be writing about our pet in Google Docs and importing the illustration that we created.


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